Are you one of those who are frustrated by having to wait until the dew dries before mowing your lawn. While Spartan zero-turn mowers don’t really advise mowing while the grass is wet, they do offer a few suggestions for if you choose to do so.

However, tall, wet grass is much harder to cut. You don’t want to let it grow out of control. And if you have to regularly cut wet grass, then you need a zero turn mower like a Spartan Mower. Zero-turn mowers are designed completely different than walk-behind mowers and even riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors. Their independent wheel motors and independent steering give you more control.

  • Pull your throttle back a little. In wet ground, fast-spinning blades tend to pull your grass rather than cut it.
  • Don’t make zero turns. zero turns tent to make ruts and divots in wet ground so attempt to make rounded, gentle turns when possible.
  • Be sure your blades are sharp. This is always important but even more so on wet ground. Dull blades leave ragged edges on your grass and tend to pull your grass from the ground.
  • When grass is wet- Don’t mow on inclines. Any mower tends to lose traction on hills and causes unpredictable navigation results. This is especially relevant when grass is wet.

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