Skid Steer seems like a strange name and many operators don’t even know the true origin. Then throw in SSL, MTL, and CTL and you loose a few more people.

Typically the wheels on a skid steer have no steering mechanism like conventional equipment. All 4 wheels are like the rear wheels of an automobile and are mounted in a fixed, straight line with the body of the machine. Steering is accomplished by causing the left and right wheel pairs to turn at different speeds and in turn, makes the machine skid or drag its wheels on one side thus turning in that direction. Skid Steers are incredibly heavy for their size which provides the rigid structure needed to prevent damage from enormous torque created by turning. This characteristic skidding motion makes skid steers notorious for tearing up the ground on which they operate.

In addition, there are 3 broad categories of skid steers. SSL (skid steer loader) refers to the standard 4 wheeled varieties.  CTL (compact track loader) and MTL (multi-terrain loader) refer to different designs of undercarriages.  CTLs feature a steel track and steel undercarriage components for maximum durability.  MTLs have a rubber track undercarriage and deliver lower ground pressure compared to an SSL and CTL so they don’t tear up the ground as badly.

There are many different manufacturers of skid steers, Caterpillar, Bobcat, Case, John Deere, and Kubota to name a few. Most of the skid steer attachments carried by Hawk Hill Sales are interchangeable with the major brands and we have knowledgable staff on hand to fit your machine with whatever you need.